HP Slate 500 Delay Update

imageMy last update told you that HP Customer Support told me that my HP Slate 500 Tablet PC would ship on December 7. Predictably, that day came and went without a shipping notification. I called HP Customer Support again. They told me that because of high demand, blah, blah, the shipment now is scheduled for December 14.

I politely but pointedly asked if December 14 was for real, or instead on December 14 history would repeat itself and HP Customer Support would tell me that because of high demand, blah, blah, the shipment would be delayed another week. Not surprisingly, the rep couldn’t really answer.

I then tried another tack. I told that rep that I had ordered on October 25, only 3 days after the October 22 launch date, and that others had already received their units. The rep responded that the units ordered on October 22 and 23 had shipped, and the units on October 24 and 25 were next up at bat. True? Dunno. We’ll see …

If it wasn’t for the units already delivered, I’d be smelling vaporware. On the bright side, there’s the saying that all good things come to those who wait … and wait … and wait.

7 Responses to “HP Slate 500 Delay Update”

  • Man, you got to cancel that baby.
    There’s better stuff coming out with Win7 on it – and probably about the same time span
    BTW, I’m dumping the iPad soon, it’s outlived it’s usefulness.

    • Steve, I’m thinking of pressing the cancellation trigger. However, one thing that keeps me from doing that is that I am not aware of any of the other upcoming Win 7 slates having an active digitizer. The idea of accurate inking on, say, One Note, is intriguing. Do you know of any other upcoming Win 7 slates having an active digitizer?

  • Your rep lied. I ordered 5pm on the 22nd and am still waiting. I’m told it’ll ship on the 17th. A few random people who ordered after the 22nd have theirs, but mostly only those who ordered before Noon are among the lucky chosen ones.

  • Ditto…Jett

    Ordered on the 23rd @ 9:00PM

    Was told it would ship…

    Everytime I call it gets worse so I am afraid to call again.

  • I ordered oct 24, got delayed again on the last shipment date of December 17 to December 20th. I’m guessing that I will next be told December 27th, then they will just refund my purchase after that as stated in one of their original emails of the delay. I’m really smelling vaporware, regardless of those few shipments…

  • Has anyone actually gotten a unit. I ordered 11/2 and my ship date was just moved for the third time. It’s now 1/3 – nine weeks from my order date…

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