Notion Ink Adam ship date slippage


My eyes opened this morning to the angelic face of my beautiful, sleeping wife. I couldn’t help myself. I did what came natural. I reached over and grabbed my … Galaxy Tab, fired up Google Reader, and started perusing my favorite feeds. However, that wonderful start to the day came to a screeching halt when I got to Notion Ink Adam pre-order status slips to mid-January 2011 [Update: only 50 customers affected]. I figured with my luck, I would be one of the 50. Unfortunately for me, I was right:



Adam with a Pixel Qi screen, wifi and 3G

Estimated Ship Date*

15th January 2011 – 22nd January 2011

Prior to December 15th, there was an error in this page due to which the shipping date was being calculated incorrectly. We apologize for the inconvenience. The date shown here is the correct value, which reflects the date shown at the time you ordered.


The Slashgear article also provides the official explanation from Notion Ink:

“There were few customers who took longer time to finish their order details (some 50) (this was in the span of 5 minutes) and by the time they clicked purchase, the first shipments were already sold. Around 50 people were told about their schedule and there are around 30 for whom schedule is pulled from 22nd to 15th and from 15th to 9th. Products will be released much faster though, this is the max time for these 50 people.”

Well, this Friday I’ll further amuse myself and call HP to learn of a further delay in the shipment of my Slate 500. HP’s excuses are getting even more creative than those of my students who attempt to explain why their assignment was late. Annoyed