HP Slate 500 Delay–Week 7


The saga continues. In my last update, when the last quoted ship date (December 7) came and went, HP customer support quoted December 14 in the phone conversation and December 17 in a follow up email. Of course, December 17 came and went. I again called HP customer support.

This time I was told that the standard ship time was 8 weeks. The rep then put me on hold for a long time to “check with the factory” (probably to eat lunch). He finally came back on the line and said per the factory the ship date was December 23.

I asked him if any units had shipped which were ordered on October 24 or 25. He said he had no access to that information. I asked him about the prior quoted ship date of December 17. He said that could not be correct since the standard ship time was 8 weeks.

It’s become pretty obvious that HP is not telling us customers the truth. It’s a different story every time. Now the issue is whether to cancel the order. I’m tempted. But a Windows 7 slate with an active digitizer would be very useful for me. And I’m not seeing another one on the horizon. Of course, CES is less than 3 weeks away. Where come to think of it, the HP slate was first announced … in CES 2010 Annoyed

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  • As one of the lucky few who ordered on the 22nd and got their Slate, I’d hang in there. Aside from occasional n-Trig glitches (which are not unique to the Slate), it’s a wonderful device. My OQO was more portable but the Slate is more productive – faster and much better battery life plus more screen real estate. I haven’t heard of anything coming that will be able to touch it. Keep the active digitizer faith.


  • I have the same story. I ordered mine on the 23rd of October. I was given several dates. My latest date is Dec.24th.

    I am loosing faith in HP. In the future i will never rely on HP promises.

  • I think it is not my place to say this, after all it is your money also that HP is not my favorite company but I would hang in for this device the Slate 500 before giving up after coming all this way.

  • Thank you for your comments. I agree. My emotions tell me to tell HP to … you know. But my head tells me what Dave P and FireDragon say, that I would be cutting off my nose to spite my face, since there really isn’t another device (yet) out there with these specs, Win7 + capacitive touch + active digitizer. Besides, the excuses of the HP reps are almost entertaining. Next week they’ll probably tell me the shipment was hijacked by Somali pirates that like Tablet PCs.

  • If there were another device, I would immediately cancel my order. I just hung up from them (ordered oct 24th) and they said that some, not all, have received their shipment from orders on the 22nd. I asked why then would there only be ONE video of the unboxing? My latest date is December 28th. I really think these are random quotes. They now are telling me there are a shortage of parts for it. I asked why then did they post it for sale if they couldn’t actually BUILD the darn thing? She of course didn’t have an answer.
    To me this is a HUGE red flag and I’m guessing odds are better than 50/50 I will hate the device for some reason or another and will ultimately send it back…hope not, but there is more to this story than they are telling us. All this with CES coming…pretty big embarrassment.

  • FYI, I just got off the phone with HP and it’s now early to mid-January before they ship any slates going forward. This company is a piece of shit and run by complete idiots. How do you post a product for sale that you can’t fill for 3 months?

  • Very discouraging. I ordered on October 25. They add a week to the shipping date every time I talk to them. I got an email from HP on Monday saying teh new ship date is 12/30. Interestingly it comes from something called “Volume Direct Operations” It seems to me that the single orders may be getting pushed down by larger orders as they come in which might account for the erratic shipping dates.

    • Ed, I just posted again. It’s week to week for me too. My plan is to wait until CES and see what and when will be available before deciding whether to cancel this order.

  • I ordered on October 22nd, some people say got it who ordered the 1st day, but I am no lucky.. 🙂

  • Woke up to an email from HP today that says my Slate 500 order shipped. Of course I’m flying out today (weather permitting) so I won’t see it for a few days, but thought I’d share the news.

  • Got an email today that my slate 500 order has shipped. Of course no other details like when it will arrive, and I will believe it when I actually get it, and I will post here when it arrives.

  • Hello,
    Same story here, ordered my Slate on November 12th! January 4th and No Slate Yet!
    Called HP several times and got a different answer every time!
    Recently I got an e-mail with $100 off coupon because of the long wait and a new estimated shipment date of somewhere in the middle of January!

    Went online and ordered a spare charger for the slate and other small things to be right at the $100 mark and put the coupon to use.

    Still waiting…… will post future updates too

  • I ordered my Slate on November 6th with an orginal ship date of December 4th. I have been told precious little. I am very very disappointed in HP about this. I have been told “mid January” to expect a shipment and I am not holding my breath. It is very disconcerting they can’t figure out their production schedule???? However, I don’t see anything else ready to go for the business oriented guy like me. I am resisting the periodic urge to cancel the order.

  • No orders after mid-day October 26th have been sent. There was another delay at the New Year for inventory in China. Then another parts shortage so no slates shipped this last week. Orders are being moved forward, and dates in late Jan. to early Feb. are now being given for those orders in the first week of November. One person with an Oct. 27 date was given Feb. 6th as the ship date….so it is still very unclear.

  • Ordered on 31st October and to date no slate latest date is Mid Jan which will enevitably pass without the slate. Very close to cancelling the order

    • stop the presses they are actually shipping these things. I actually got a shiping info and it is on route will have in my hand shortly. Now i can see if it was worth the wait

  • Well don’t feel bad. I have been waiting for mine since the end of November. It is now going onto the 7th week and was also told will have it by the end of Jan. I did rais a stink about the time. I got $100 off the price because it has been over 6 weeks! Make sure you contact them and get the reps name to get that credit… It is HP policy if order is not out in 6 weeks to give the credit. GO FOR IT!

    So the Ipad wireless keyboard workes well? You can also have internet access anywhere with your Sprint USB plug In? If so Sweet!!!

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