HP Slate 500 Delay–Week 8

Update of the Week 7 update. The rep chastised me for calling, reminding me that last time I was told that the ship date would be 8 weeks from the order date. I replied that today was 8 1/2 weeks from the order date and the date I was told last time the device would ship. The rep changed his tune. He first told me the new ship date was December 25. He then allowed he might have a firmer estimate the first week in January.

HP should come clean with its customers. But like many big companies, they’d rather make their reps lie. Dell is already on my “do not buy” list for this reason. HP is next. Seems like bad business to me. I’d rather do business with a company like Notion Ink that, when it screws up, at least comes clean (so far anyway). But Dell and HP are giant companies, and I’m just a small customer.

Climbing off my virtual soapbox, what to do about my order? I’m confident the Slate 500 won’t ship before CES the first week in January. So my thinking is to just see what’s available at CES, and when, and take it from there.

3 Responses to “HP Slate 500 Delay–Week 8”

  • Hi there, this is your conscience speaking.
    You know full well that they are messing you about. At this time, you are emotionally involved. Stop, stand back and just detach yourself for a while and you will quickly see that what you were doing originally was warranted but now you have to openly admit that HP are just stringing you along. We have all hung in there longer than we should have on some decisions.
    Take a realistic look at what has happened, and what you are allowing to continue to be done to you. You, yourself, state that you think they are deceiving you.
    Kick the order into touch. If it really comes on the market again, this time for real, it’ll still be there for you but, in the meantime, something better may come along.

  • Steve, that might be my conscience your tapping into. I’ve seen a mockup of an Oaktrail based slate which has a digitizer and I think will have a 720p resolution like the Fujitsu TH550. Think it will be one of many released at CES.

    There’s also the Acer slate that popped up on YouTube in the last couple of days…

    Think the HP corporate politics that surprised this product in the first place have banished it to oblivion. By the time it ships… it will be irrelevant! Think I might cancel the order…

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