HP Slate 500 Shipped?

I’m laying on my couch Xmas night, relaxing after working all day. The TV displays an HP commercial. Frustrated about my oft-delayed HP Slate 500, I’m thinking !@#$%^&* HP!  My phone then tells me I have new mail. Surprise, surprise.

The last story HP customer service told me was that the device would ship on December 25. At the time I thought “Yeah, right.” And Santa would be delivering it.

Well, the new mail was a shipment notification. The device is not coming from Santa though. Instead, its coming from Shanghai. The current estimated delivery date is December 29. We’ll see …

3 Responses to “HP Slate 500 Shipped?”

  • Great. I’m looking forward to hearing your review.

    I’ve got one on order. Hopefully it’ll get to me by mid-january. (knock on wood).

  • got mine today!!! Its a very good device so far. Only complaint after playing with it most of day is its a little heavier than I would have thought. Battery life looks to be very good too.

  • I am disgusted.. ordered a slate in November. and it has yet to arrive. the website tracking is horrible. It says we should already have it in our possession. (Jan 1. 2011) well today is the 14th, no slate, no call backs from customer support, no response to emails that are sent.
    HOWEVER.. my credit card has been charged..
    what is up HP you hard up for cash that you have to scam and steal from small independent business people????

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