HP Slate 500 Arrives


OK, it’s a blurry picture. You get what you pay for. But the HP Slate 500 has arrived … finally. I took a lot of pictures of the unboxing, albeit with the camera of my HTC Droid Incredible. Hope to have that article up soon. In the meantime, here’s a picture of the device in its dock.

My quick reactions? Physically, it’s a solidly built device. It seems heavy, though I believe I‘ll be able to use it one-handed.

Performance is good, though I really haven’t put that to the test; not much multi-tasking so far. 2GB of RAM is nice, though the single-core Atom Z540 processor is a concern on Windows 7.

Touch is responsive, though not as fluid as an iPad, or Galazy Tab.  I need to get used to the digitizer, though inking on Windows Journal (the picture) is OK. No palm rejection, but given the screen size, not sure that will be a problem.

This device stands out because it’s a true Tablet PC slate. It runs Windows apps and has both a capacitive touch screen and an active digitizer. There are a few larger screen and more expensive convertibles which have the same functionality (like my Lenovo X201t), but no slates of this size and price range (about $800) that I know of. Of course, with my luck, CES next week will unveil 10 other such slates with superior specs. Such is life on the cutting (bleeding?) edge.

Please post your questions in the comments. I will do my best to answer them, either in the comments or in a follow up article.

3 Responses to “HP Slate 500 Arrives”

  • Congratulations! I’m waiting until JAN 26 for mine to come in. please post more about how it works for you.

  • Mine arrived last week as well. So far, so good. It works wel lfor browsing and with the PC Kindle app.

    The stylus is kind of cheesy. Know of any other compatible ons? My bigggest issue so far is trying to figure out One Note which I don’t find to be intutive at least in setting up notes.

    One other complaint. I bought extra chargers for the office and travel which came about a month before the Slate. It turns out HP sold me the wrong ones.

    • I’m not fond of the stylus either. I will dig up one I used for my Dell XT2 and see if that works.

      I saw the charger HP sells as a Slate accessory. It is an HP Mini charger. The connector did not look compatible, but it is hard to tell from the picture on the HP website.

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