HP Slate 500 Unboxing

IMAG0045I took pictures of the unboxing of my HP Slate 500. I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures. I took these furtively at work (don’t tell the Man) with the camera on my HTC Droid Incredible. But the real problem is the lousy camera person – me. Hopefully you’ll get the general idea of the unboxing; the end result is the pictured device in its dock. I will be playing with this device and (soon) giving you my impressions. But in the meantime, the unboxing.


The box (duh) with my lunch for size perspective. It’s a big box. It’s not much of lunch. But I got to cut corners someplace to afford all of these gadgets.



Large box contains 3 smaller boxes. Sort of like a geek version of a matryoshka doll.





Contents of first box. Folio case, which for now holds the Get Started guide + other stuff.




Inside of folio case. Has a leather-like outside, soft inside and elastic holders. Note: Middle one will hold the digitizer. Quality OK, it does protect the device, but there should be better choices soon.


The other stuff in box #1. Get Started guide, warranty mumbo jumbo, Windows 7 Pro OS restore DVD, Application and Driver Recovery DVD, cleaning cloth. On to Box #2, which contains ….


… the grand prize. Sorry for the reflection on the screen. I told you I’m not a good photographer.




Back view. Very grippable. Important for one-handed use, given the size and weight of the device.




Contents of box #3. Power cord and adapter, digitizer, and dock. Digitizer includes a battery and a lanyard. No slot though in Slate 500 to store the digitizer. However, the middle elastic strip in the folio case (see a few pictures above) will hold the digitizer. The dock folds up; good for mobility. The two silver-colored brackets allow you to support and tilt the device.



Another view of the dock. The connector on the bottom of the device fits into the connector towards the bottom of the dock.





Rear of dock: 2 USB ports, power port, HDMI, audio.


End result. HP Slate 500 in its dock.





Well, that’s it for now. As I said, soon I will be posting impressions on this Tablet PC.

7 Responses to “HP Slate 500 Unboxing”

  • Glad that you finally received it! Let us know how you find it. My main question is how useful it’d be as a presentation device (writing with the digitizer on Powerpoint) and with a projector. Not sure if you’ll ever be using it for that purpose.

    • Phoenix, that is an interesting usage. In a jury case, I had thought of using my Lenovo x201t Tablet PC. Unfortunately there may be no advantage in terms of portability in using the Slate 500 there as whichever device I use must be tethered by cable to the court’s presentation system. Wireless is not an option there.

      I plan to be posting further thoughts over the long holiday weekend.

  • im writing this on my slate 500. its a very good device, very impressive speed. no, not as smooth as an ipad, but they’re totally different devices. im very pleased w the speed also. curious if you like it too, ghengis.

  • hey, is HP slate 500 so boring that you find no interesting to say about it ?
    or is it so great that you do not find a moment of time to write about it ?

    either way tell us please

    • Sorry, I’ve been swamped with work, just trying to keep my head above water. I will write soon. Bottom line is its feature set is a relatively rare combination (Windows 7 slate, active digitizer, capacitive screen). Room for improvement but a good 1.0 device.

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