Polar Bears Toxic to Environment?


Apparently so. And this end of the year expose isn’t from Rush. Instead, it’s literally from tree huggers; Treehugger.com, in its Polar Bears Full of More Toxins Than Any Other Creature.

Chris Davies of Slashgear, whose tweet brought this to my attention, correctly asks what our governments are doing about this ursine environmental menace. Well?

2 Responses to “Polar Bears Toxic to Environment?”

  • Your interpretation is incorrect – it is not that Polar are toxic to the environment. Rather, the environment is toxic to polar bears. They are at the top of the food chain and thus bio-accumulate chemicals more than other organisms. With so many persistent toxins in the environment, their concentration increases at each step of the food chain, leaving polar bears with a high dose. Where do these toxins come from? Us, not polar bears.

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