Google Translate for Android

imageGoogle Translate for Android has been around for about one year. However, Google now has added conversation mode. Basically, you click the microphone icon, say want you want in English, and the application translates to the other language, German in the picture. Clicking the microphone icon next to the translation speaks the translation.

This is a two way street. If the other person also is running the application on their device, they can choose, say, German to English instead of English to German.

The application is free on the Android market. It is an alpha, so there may be bugs. I have found one. My Spanish speaking students tell me “nuestro maestro es la bestia”, which they often say in my class, means “our teacher is the best.” But per Google Translate, it means “our teacher is the beast.”

Oh well, it’s only alpha software. I’m sure they’ll work the bugs out. In the meantime, very practical software in our multi-lingual world.

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