Why I haven’t posted yet on the HP Slate 500

Laziness. Just kidding. Sort of. Rather, it’s because I haven’t used it much yet. Why’s that? The reason relates to battery life.  Let me explain.

I won’t take a mobile device with me when I start my long day if it will run out of power half way through the day. Otherwise, I’m just carrying a brick with me much of my day.

Ideally, I want the device’s battery to last all day. I don’t care if I need to plug in the device when I get home at night. However, I don’t have chargers at each of the several places I’m at during the day.

My Galaxy Tab shines in the battery life department. I’m sure it helps that it can go in and out of standby almost instantly. The same applied to my iPad before my wife nationalized it.

By contrast, the HP Slate 500 battery will not last all day with normal (for me) use.  I don’t have precise metrics, and battery life does depend on variables such as screen brightness, which radios are on or off, etc. However, I’m getting only a few hours. This is not unexpected. Windows 7 tablets just don’t have great battery life.

I could include in my mobile bag an adapter and cable (for the proprietary connection). However, that assumes one was available. Surprisingly (to me anyway), available accessories for the Slate 500 have been few and far between. So far just two, the adapter/cable, and an Ethernet adapter. And the adapter/cable has been on back order.

Per FedEx, I should receive the adapter/cable mid next week. I then should be able to put the Slate 500 through its paces and give you my thoughts on one of very few Windows OS slates in what’s mostly an Android sea.

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