HP Slate 500 Accessories

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in Why I haven’t posted yet on the HP Slate 500 that accessories for the Slate 500 are few and far between. The device’s accessories page lists only two items, the AC adapter/cable, and an Ethernet adapter. I have both. But I’d also like a replacement stylus in case I lose the one I already have. And maybe also an extra docking station or folio case.

Mr. Google led me to forums. Forums let me to posts. Posts led me to TNET Services’ listing of Slate 500 accessories. That page provides parts number for the stylus, docking station, etc. These accessories may not be listed on the device’s Slate 500 accessories page. But they can be purchased as parts from the HP Parts Store. I hadn’t though of that. Surprised smile I also learned from the same page that a Fujitsu stylus is basically identical to the one shipped with the Slate 500, but is about half the price of the one available through the HP Parts Store.

I thought I’d share this information with others who, like me, are having a hard time locating accessories for the Slate 500.

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  • Is the HP TX2000 convertible tablet stylus work for you?
    Mine bit the dust the other week and I have a spare stylus now.

  • The TX2000 used a Wacom digitizer so it’s not compatible with the Slate which uses an n-Trig digitizer. Plus, to save battery life, with the Slate n-Trig introduced a battery powered stylus so it’s not even compatible with older n-Trig styli. The Slate and Fujitsu are the only ones available now (Kno also used the technology but they never shipped). However a number of tablets have been announced which will be compatible so the choices should expand.

    • Dave P, thanks for educating both of us 🙂

      I should start using the Slate 500 real soon. Just updated its Win 7 OS to SP1.

      There’s also another tablet coming soon to the Gadget Harem 🙂 Actually 2. 🙂 🙂

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