HP 2740p Tablet PC

imageHP EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC is the newest member of my gadget harem. Technically it’s not really mine. It belongs to the community college where I teach and which issued it to me.

You may ask why I need another tablet? Well, technically I don’t need anything except for oxygen, water, sex and food. Actually, the issue is not my needs, but the college’s. Let me explain.

The college only will permit computers on its MAC address list to connect to its wired network. This makes sense from a security standpoint. A college issued laptop of course is on the approved MAC address list.

I teach computer science, so I clearly need a computer. For a variety of reasons, I sometimes need to connect to the wired network to use a laptop in instruction.

These are tough financial times for community colleges. I offered to use my own tablet – which would save the college $$ of getting me a laptop — if the college would put my tablet on the approved list so I could connect it to the wired network. However, I ran into that dreaded word in academia: “Policy.” The college would let me hook up my tablet to the wired network only if I would donate my tablet to the college. WTF? Don’t get me wrong. I often use my personal resources to supplement what the college provides for instruction. But donating a several thousand dollar tablet so I can save them the cost of buying me a laptop was a non-starter. Thanks but no thanks.

Maybe it’s all for the best. I can segregate my college work from my other work, each to its own Tablet PC.

The 2740p is a nice Tablet PC, on par with my workhorse Lenovo x201t Tablet PC. Both are no longer cutting edge. Indeed the x201t has just been refreshed by the Lenovo x220t Tablet PC, which has the new (and battery-saving) Sandy Bridge processor. I anticipate a refresh of the 2740p is not far behind. Still, the 2740p is very nice, even if no longer cutting edge. I’m lucky to have it.

I will be writing soon on how I use the 2740p in the classroom.

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  • I’m not a fan on anything made by HP or Dell. What do you think that’s the best laptop out today? I want to get a mac pro but I’m of a PC person.

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