Lenovo x220t Tablet PC

I really like my Lenovo ThinkPad x201t Tablet PC. Yeah, it’s a convertible, and slates are hot right now. But it’s powerful, light and does the job.

The x201t has been one of the kings of convertible Tablet PC mountain for a while. But no reign lasts forever, especially in gadget land. Lenovo has announced the x201t’s successor, the x220t, together with its non-touch sibling, the x220.

The refresh seems more incremental than generational. Still, one difference is very important: Much longer battery life, like 15 hours! Short battery life (e.g. 3 hours) has been an Achilles’ heel of tablets. The x220t uses Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors, whose claim to fame is longer battery life.

There are other differences. 12.5” display vs 12.1”, better trackpad, Gorilla glass. But longer battery life seems the main one.

This refresh is coming next month, the x220t starting at $1,199. Impressive, but not enough to make me think of trading in my x201t. Especially with 2 new tablets coming, the … well, that’s for other posts soon Smile

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