Transferring your AT&T Unlimited Data Plan from your iPad to iPad2

imageI purchased the AT&T unlimited data plan for my iPad. AT&T has since discontinued offering that plan. However, it continues the plan for those who already have it as long as you keep paying and don’t change your plan. In other words, I’m “grandfathered” into the unlimited data plan.

Now that the iPad2 has come out, my wife, who appropriated my iPad, is making subtle hints about wanting it (i.e., “get me the iPad2 if you want to see another sunrise”). Assuming I get the iPad2, I’d like it to have the benefit of the unlimited data plan now on the iPad, which I’d then sell or trade in.

AT&T has confirmed that you can transfer your grandfathered unlimited data plan to your new iPad2. The question is exactly how to accomplish this transfer. With the help of Mr. Google, I found the following advice, which I just confirmed with AT&T customer service:

Step 1. Find your original iPad’s cellular data number and IMEI number. These can be found in the settings app. Simply go to “General” then “About.” Here you will find both numbers. Your IMEI number is what AT&T uses to identify your SIM card. Update: You also need to provide the ICCID, which is found the same way as the IMEI. Additionally, as discussed in Step 4, you will need to have with you both the iPad and the iPad 2.

Step 2. Call 1-800-331-0500 (AT&T Customer Service)

Step 3. Let AT&T know you would like to transfer your data plan from your original iPad to your new iPad. (Not clear which options you choose in the voicemail tree).

Step 4. AT&T will ask for the iPad 2’s IMEI number and will transfer your plan over to your new iPad. Update: You also need to provide the ICCID. Additionally, you will need to power off both the iPad and the iPad 2, then power on the iPad 2. That means you will have to have both devices with you.

The article continued: “We did ask about simply moving the SIM card from the original iPad to iPad 2. The representative said not to do this. It is unclear if AT&T monitors what device your SIM card is in. It is possible that AT&T could cancel your data plan if you move your SIM card from an original iPad to iPad 2.”

When you’re done, your original iPad no longer has a data plan. You could always get one, though not unlimited data. Of course, if you are selling or “trading in” your iPad, that’s not an issue.

I’ve pretty well decided to get the iPad2 and trade in the iPad because I’d like to see a few more sunrises. However, I’m not sure if I really want to go with AT&T or instead Verizon, which has a better network, though of course no unlimited data plan. And which color, black or white? I’ll report back.

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  • Just ordered my Fiance’s Ipad2, are you ordering your wife’s online or waiting in line at the stores tommorrow?

    • Hi Bad Grant. See my latest post. Ordered about 2:30 am after pondering in bed for over an hour AT&T vs. Verizon. Didn’t want to deal with the hassle of getting to a store, standing in line, hoping they don’t run out. Online is easy, it’ll be here soon enough. Hope you earned some fiance points ordering for your fiancee.

  • Thanks! Was looking around trying to find someone who had real instructions. Worked like a charm and AT&T rep was efficient and nice.

    Only thing I might change to your instructions is the initial call – Select “customer service” option and use the mobile number for the original iPad when prompted by the automated attendant.

  • Go to:

    edit payment information link…then update the following two fields:

    You get this info from the iPad (1 or 2) selct ‘Settings’ then ‘General’ then ‘About’…

    The IMEI and ICCID info is on that screen. No need to swap the SIM cards. This process outlined above transfers service instantly and does NOT change the plan type, billing, user info, or days remaining. Basically anytime an ATT customer wants to move a data plan the ATT iPad web page is all you need. No phone call!

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