Handling devices before you buy: iPad 2 and Xoom

My wife and I had to go to our local Beast Buy today because we could not get  through to the Geek Squad installers by telephone after several tries during several days totaling several hours Baring teeth smile But that’s another story. While there, I got to handle, for the first time, the Motorola Xoom (lots in stock) and the iPad 2 (none in stock).

Here are the specs you can look up online relating to the respective form factors of the iPad2 and Xoom:

  iPad 2 Xoom
Screen size 9.7” 10.1”
Height 9.5” (241.2 mm) 9.8” (249 mm)
Width 7.31” (185.7 mm) 6.61” (167.8 mm)
Thickness 0.34” (8.8 mm) 0.51” (12.9 mm)
Weight 1.35 lbs (613 g) 1.61 lbs (730 g)

But the cold specs only tell part of the story. Handling the devices, the iPad 2 seemed light and thin, the Xoom heavy and … bulky would be too strong a word, but definitely not thin. My wife told me the same thing, before I told her my impression. She also told me I was a good husband to order her the iPad 2 Red heart  I need all the husband points I can get. Thanks, Steve Jobs Thumbs up

Of the course, the form factor is only part of the story. These devices have a different OS as well as different hardware. And the Xoom will have 4G while the iPad 2 will be stuck in the 3G slow lane. But when it comes to the look and feel of the device, it was no contest. I’m not sure if a non-tech geek would look farther. Even for a tech geek, the siren song of the iPad 2 was strong. Especially with my wife telling me if I got one, we could use them for Face Time calls between us Red heart Lucky for me, Beast Buy was out of stock.

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