iPad 2 x 2? Must be strong


As you know, I’ve ordered an iPad 2 for my wife to replace her iPad, which I’m going to sell. But as the picture shows, Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field has got me thinking of ordering a second iPad 2, for me. Why? It’s not very mobile. It’s locked down like other Apple devices. Inking isn’t great. It’s not 4G. It ain’t cheap; for nearly the same price I could get a Xoom which will be 4G. And most of all, I’m swimming in gadgets. So why am I even thinking about an iPad 2?

The iPad 2 is a fun device notwithstanding its limitations (no Flash) and being locked down. The screen is beautiful (though I wish the iPad 2 had a retina display). Touch is very responsive and accurate (and that only will be better with the A5 processor). Angry Birds just is a better experience on the iPad than on any Android tablet I’ve tried.

But it’s more than just being left out of the fun. I’m a tech blogger. I like having first hand experience with devices I write about. And the iPad 2, like the iPad before it, likely will be an iconic device. So I also feel left out in this respect.

Yeah, I can play with my wife’s iPad 2 when I can pry it from her grasping hands, or more likely pick it up when she’s not looking. But it’s not the same as having my own, which I can take with me.

Luckily for me, thanks to Apple’s marketing strategy, the iPad 2 is in short supply, with long (several weeks) lead order time. It would be much harder if, while at my local Beast Buy, the iPad 2 was available, giving me a come hither look.

I need help if not intervention Sick smile

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