iPad 2 Shipped

I just received an email from Apple that my wife’s iPad 2 has shipped. When I ordered last Friday early AM, the estimate to ship was 3- 5 business days. It turned out to be 4 business days. So it appears the shipping estimate when you order (now weeks instead of days) is accurate.

The delivery estimate is March 23, 6 days from now. That’s consistent with the 5 to 7 calendar day shipment period from China I’ve experienced with Apple, including the delivery of the AV Adapter 2 days ago and the Smart Cover today.

Finally, for the “are we there yet?” set, my experience is that when checking order status, status changes from “not shipped” to “preparing to ship” about 12 hours before actual shipment.

So my wife and I are expecting a “bundle of joy” about next Wednesday Smile

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