Burglar Blaster gasses burglars and maybe you too


Burglars may not be dissuaded by an alarm or siren. Neighbors may ignore them after hearing so many false alarms.

The Burglar Blaster adds another weapon to your home protection arsenal: Movement-triggered pepper spray which will fill a 2,000 square feet space with eye and throat mauling gas. This feature does put a premium on your ability to quickly disarm the alarm when you return to your home.

The Slashgear article which alerted me to this valuable product suggests: “There’s also a 12V trigger for hooking up other accessories; alarms and lights are suggested, but we reckon most owners will opt for killer attack pigs wearing gas masks and with poison-tipped tusks.” Perhaps there is cross-marketing potential? Given the obsession with Angry Birds, what do you think of catapulted birds with poison-tipped beaks?

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