Excellent iPad 2 Review by TiPb

TiPb has an excellent review of the iPad 2. The name of the blog (which stands for The iPhone/iPod/iPad Blog) made me wonder if this would be another Apple Fanboy review. It isn’t. Rather, like one of our major cable networks, it is “fair and balanced” Winking smile The review also is thorough. Here are some highlights:

The article creatively poses the question of whether the iPad 2 represents a revolutionary or merely evolutionary upgrade from the iPad:

“iPad 2 is the sequel to a smash hit that very few outside Apple ever saw coming. The only question is whether it’s Empire Strikes Back or Matrix Reloaded — whether it takes the same elements that made the original a success and builds on them and creates something even better, or if it adds unnecessary complexity, loses its focus, and kills the franchise.”

Its conclusion is somewhere in the middle:

“Neither Empire nor Reloaded, iPad 2 is closer akin to The Two Towers — a solid second part in the iPad’s ongoing story.”

So should you upgrade?

“If you’re wondering whether or not you should upgrade, there are always only a few reasons to consider the next current year’s model over the last. Either you’re a gadget lover who simply has to have the latest and greatest, or there’s one or more features important enough to make the upgrade worth while. For those considering the short step from iPad to iPad 2 this year, those features include video mirroring (especially if you’re in education or business), the speed improvements (if Safari and apps performance was slow and RAM-starved enough to bother you previously), the gyroscope and 9x graphics improvements for hardcore gamers, the magnets for those who want in on Smart Covers and the other accessories that will no doubt follow them, the cameras if FaceTime is meaningful to you and your loved ones, and the Verizon 3G models if you need mobile connectivity and that’s the best network in your area.”

What about the other tablets?

“If you’re trying to decide between iPad 2 and a competing tablet running Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS (QNX), the webOS TouchPad, or anything else, frankly iPad 2 should be your default choice. Most competing tablets haven’t even shipped yet (almost all lack even a solid release date) and none of them have the apps, accessories, fit, finish or ecosystem of iPad 2. While things can and probably will change over the course of the next year, at the time of this review the tablet space is for all intents and purposes a one horse race. Unless there’s a feature a competing tablet has at the time you want to buy it, a feature compelling enough to make everything else take a back seat — like a 7-inch form factor, Flash support, not being made by Apple, etc. — it’s hard to recommend anything other than iPad 2 right now.”

Here’s the comparison chart from the article (click to enlarge):

iPad 2 vs. Xoom vs. Optimus Pad vs. Galaxy Tab 10 vs TouchPad vs BlackBerry Playbook -- Spec wars!

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