Passing on the ThunderBolt


I’m going to be replacing my venerable HTC Droid Incredible.  Verizon finally is selling the HTC ThunderBolt. I like HTC phones and 4.3” screens, and the ThunderBolt is 4G LTE. But I’m going to pass on the ThunderBolt. First, its screen is not qHD or Super AMOLED or Super LCD, like competitors. My Dinc has an AMOLED screen, and it does make a difference. Second, the ThunderBolt has a single-core processor. I’ll wait for dual-core, which is becoming available.

Don’t get me wrong. The ThunderBolt is a nice phone. But given how long Verizon requires you to wait before a discounted upgrade, it doesn’t make sense to buy a phone whose specs in the critical processor and screen categories, are, in the words of one of my students, soon to be “so yesterday.”

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