iPad 2 still hanging out in Hong Kong

While I may never get to Hong Kong, my iPad 2 is enjoying an extended vacation there, as I mentioned in iPad 2 stalled in Hong Kong. At least I (or my wife’s iPad 2) is in good company. Warner Crocker of GBM offers this explanation in My iPad 2 Is Still Vacationing on Lantau Island HK:

“Fedex is telling users that Apple chose International Economy Shipping for the iPad 2. That means as far as Fedex is concerned those shipments go on a space available basis. And given the tumult in that region caused by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, quite a bit of traffic is getting rerouted through Lantau Island in Hong Kong.”

Makes sense. While no one likes to wait, that irritation is truly infinitesimal compared to an 8.9 earthquake + tsunami ruining your day.

Mar 22, 2011 6:00 AM  Arrived at FedEx location  ANCHORAGE, AK

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