iPad 2 arrives!

After hanging out in Hong Kong for several extra days, my wife’s iPad 2 decided to end its vacation and make the trip overseas to start work as a magical, revolutionary device. It was a fast trip. The iPad 2, in Hong Kong on March 21, was in Anchorage, Alaska early on March 22, and arrived here the following day, today.

I’m working all day and teaching (which also is work) this evening so I won’t be able to transfer apps from the iPad to the iPad 2 until I stagger home late tonight where my home computer has iTunes linked to the iPad. But I thought I could transfer our AT&T Unlimited Data Plan from the iPad to the iPad2 and set up my wife’s email accounts.

Wrong. I forgot. I’m in Apple World. I first need to hook up the iPad 2 to iTunes at home, and I’m at work. So I need to wait until I get home late tonight.

Once I get the iPad 2 working, I will compare it with the iPad, both in form and feel, and in performance (how they compare running a video, loading a website, etc.), and let you know the results of my comparison. But the comparison period will not be long, as I am selling the iPad (that’s another post).

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