iPad 2 Setup

iPad 2 arrives! told you that I couldn’t set up the iPad 2 until I got home late that night. Well, last night we had to take one of our beloved dogs (the fawn colored Italian Greyhound, Dante) to the animal emergency hospital. So I spent the early morning setting up the iPad2 in between coordinating with the vets on a serious condition (probably a tumor that is bleeding internally) with an unclear outcome. Sad update: Dante (2003 – 2011)

Fortunately, setting up the iPad 2 is so stupid easy that I was able to do it quickly even while distracted and upset. I thought I would explain here the steps for any of you who also are transitioning from the iPad to the iPad 2.

I followed the tutorials here and here to transfer the apps on my iPad to the iPad 2. You use iTunes. First, you back up the apps on your iPad. Next, you connect the iPad 2. Through iTunes, you register it. I also set up and successfully tested the free Find my iPad service. I then set up my iPad 2 as a new device (as opposed to using the backup of the iPad). I then transferred the apps in my iTunes library (there from backing up my iPad) to the iPad 2.

I next transferred our AT&T Unlimited Data Plan from the iPad to the iPad2 as explained in that prior article, as updated (see “Update” in that article). AT&T Customer Service handled it, and the plan has been successfully transferred. I assume the same steps would apply if your data plan with AT&T was other than the grandfathered unlimited one.

I really haven’t had a chance to do more than this with the iPad 2. My dog’s situation and work (it is a work day) are keeping me occupied. However, I soon will be posting

Additionally, I would like to get a better case. I purchased the Smart Cover. But it only covers the front, not the back. Also there have been stories about the Smart Cover actually scratching the iPad 2. So next I tried the Apple folio case I had purchased for the iPad. As reported, it fits, though the iPad 2’s thinner bezel causes me some concern. I will be researching cases, particularly folio cases, and let you know my findings.

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