iPad 2 Protection

I purchased Apple’s Smart Cover for my wife’s iPad 2. But the Smart Cover only protects the front, not the back.

Eventually I may get a folio case. This one from Scosche looks nice. However, most of the upcoming iPad 2 folio cases are not shipping yet. I want protection in the meantime. Also, ideally, I’d like to be able to use the Smart Cover I’ve already bought, which I don’t think I can do with the folio cases.

Chris (@jenningsc) clued me on on Twitter to the XGear Smart Cover Enhancer for iPad 2. It covers just the back of the iPad 2, and is designed to co-exist with the Smart Cover. I ordered it.

I also wanted my wife to have a safe way of carrying the iPad 2 and a few accessories (adapter, cable, etc.).  I ordered the iPad Travel Express from Waterfield, who I’ve found in the past to make quality products.

These products should be arriving early the week of April 4. I’ll let you know my impressions.

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