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I’ve owned a Verizon MiFi 2200 for over two years. That MiFi has served me well both when no WiFi was available and to avoid outrageous hotel WiFi charges. But the 2200 is 3G EVDO Rev A, slow lane now that Verizon has gone to the 4G LTE.

Verizon previously has offered LTE USB modems. But because of driver issues, these often only work with certain (e.g., Windows) devices. Android and iOS would be SOL. No such problem with a MiFi as there is no driver issue; the MiFi simply is just another WiFi access point.

Finally Verizon is offering a LTE MiFi. Maybe two.


Samsung’s 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot SCH–LC11 just became available. It’s backwards compatible with 3G, important when you’re not in an LTE area. Dimensions: 2.32”(H) x 3.54”(W) x 0.45”(D). Unknown if it has a storage card slot as some MiFi’s do.

Novatel’s 4510L should be available soon, perhaps March 31 if rumors are correct. The 4510L seems similar to the Samsung MiFi, including backwards 3G compatibility.

There’s not enough information yet to really compare these two MiFi’s. All things being equal, I’m likely going to choose the 4510L simply because MiFI’s are Novatel’s specialty more than Samsung’s.

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  • This is NOT a MiFi. MiFi is the product name of the Novatel product, this is Samsung. Would you call a Miata a Mustang just because they’re both sports cars?

    • Derek, Kleenex was a brand name, but became a generic name for a product, regardless of the brand. I am using MiFi in the same sense. If that is incorrect, then I guess wireless hotspot could be an alternative. However, that too risks confusion with phones what also may serve as a wireless hotspot.

      Additionally, see the Verizon roadmap leaked by (among other sources) BGR. VZW’s roadmap also refers to the Samsung device as a MiFi.

      • OK…so you’re wrong, but you don’t mind being so. I can’t argue with that.

        I suppose that because the general public called tissue paper “Kleenex”, it no longer matters for trade journalists and bloggers to use correct terminology.

        I’m off to GOOGLE the term “Xerox” by using the Bing search engine.

      • The MiFi Wiki article ( states in part:

        “Novatel owns a registered trademark on the “MiFi” brand name in the U.S…However, in the United Kingdom, mobile operator 3 owns the “MiFi” trademark and markets a similar device from Huawei under the name.”

        So MiFi is a trademark, though not necessarily one owned by Novatel, depending where in the world you are. I would agree that Mobile (or Wireless) Hotspot would be a safer alternative.

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