HP TouchPad


GottaBeMobile (picture source) reports that the HP TouchPad will be sold this Summer at Walmart, priced comparable to the iPad 2. This tablet has the webOS OS (sounds redundant). Little is known about the TouchPad. The few reviews of pre-production models have been positive.

The TouchPad is an alternative to the plethora of Android tablets as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook and, of course, the iPad 2. I’m looking forward to more information about it in the coming weeks.

2 Responses to “HP TouchPad”

  • I am hoping that the Touchpad has inking capabilities. I am waiting for a slate that inks like a Windows 7 tablet but is more touch friendly like an ipad. I have the HP 2740p and love it as my work machine. I also have an ipad 2 and love it to consume media like movies and web browsing. I just wish I could use the ipad as a business device with Onenote or something like it. I know that you have an HP Slate 500 which I had hoped would fit the bill, but I have not really seen much by way of reviews for the device. Maybe the touchpad will be the device I am waiting for, though the HP website does not even mention anything about pen input.

    • I too have my HP 2740p issued by my college (just as the 2760 was announced of course) and an iPad 2. I will be writing about the HP Slate 500. The bottom line though, as indicated in my review of the Asus EP121, is that 8.9″ may be too small for inking on a Windows OS, though it may be large enough for another, more touch friendly OS.

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