Windows Phone 7 off the radar


ZDNet blogger Matt Miller asks New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care? Good question. While I ogle and dither over Android, BlackBerry and even iOS phones, I haven’t even considered WP7. Why?

I have no objection to the WP7 OS. I don’t’ know too much about it. Nor have a played with a WP7 phone. But the platform has good reviews.  It has some of the limitations typical of a 1.0 version. But updates are coming soon.

Maybe the problem is that the specs of the initial WP7 phone offerings have been underwhelming. No 4G, single core processors, etc. With no discernable compensating advantage of the WP7 OS, why settle for yesterday’s specs when you can travel the 4G fast lane with dual core processor power? Indeed another ZDNet blogger, Mary-Jo Foley,  has decided to pass on the HTC Trophy (Verizon) for similar reasons, commenting:

Verizon waited too long to get generation-one WP7 devices out. The HTC Trophy 7s are going to be 3G phones, no physical keyboard (a feature I really love), with 3.8-inch touchscreens and 1 GHz Snapdragon processors. The Trophys are nice enough, but nothing too special.

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  • My cousin just got a WP7 he was very excited. I got to play with it and what I found most appealing, was there faces gallery(rich).

    • I agree the WP7 is a nice OS. Still sort of a 1.0 version so somewhat incomplete. But it has a lot of promise. I think it has 2 issues. 1 is the first gen of WP7 phones have underwhelming specs. The other is that stupid advertising campaign (Really?). Based on watching my students, people don’t want lives away from their phones, their lives revolve around their phones.

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