Thoughts on 7 inches vs. 10 inches

Most tablets these days are either 7” or 10”. I keep vacillating between these two sizes.

First, to clarify, there are no tablets that are exactly 10”. Many are 10.1”, the iPad is 9.7”. But let’s just round these off to 10”.

There also are a few 8.9” malcontents. However, I view this size as a “tweener.” 8.9” is too large to be as mobile and one-handed as 7”, but doesn’t offer as good a view of web pages as its 10.1” brethren.

The two tablets I carry around with me daily are the 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab and the 9.7” iPad 2. Focusing only on size, and ignoring OS differences, with one caveat, I definitely prefer 7”. The 7” form factor is just easier to hold, and more mobile.

The one caveat is note taking. Neither device is a Tablet PC. But you can take notes on either OS. For Android, I can point to the HTC Flyer, a 7” device.

I don’t have the HTC Flyer. However, I’ve inked before on other 7” devices, like the Viliv X70, a Windows slate with a resistive screen. One problem was strictly ergonomic, the size of my hand vs. the size of the screen. My hand kept getting in the way, and too quickly I ran out of screen area to ink.

So, 7” or 10”? If I’m not taking notes with my stylus (or finger) as opposed to a keyboard, 7”. But if I am? Not sure, at least until I try out the HTC Flyer. Because that may cause me to change my mind, as Rob Bushway was surprised in HTC Flyer Initial Impressions.

2 Responses to “Thoughts on 7 inches vs. 10 inches”

  • I just don’t see a good reason for getting a tablet of either size. If portability is a concern, why not just go with a smart phone? Sure, phones aren’t as powerful, but these things aren’t that powerful either. I think I’m better off getting a smaller laptop with a touch screen and a keyboard than going with one of these tablets because I know at some point I’ll get pissed off knowing that I can’t run certain applications due to availability + hardware limitations.

    Hope all is well 😛

    • Hi Sadai! I believe this issue comes down to the usual question: How do you plan to use the device. For your usage, what you say makes a lot of sense. For another usage scenario, the tablet route may be the right choice.

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