In Retro BlackBerry I panned RIM for their DOA ODA (out of date on arrival) phones.  But sometimes an oldie is a goody.

My wife Devvie used and was happy with a BlackBerry Bold 9000 for a long time.  But eventually the BB 9000 stopped working. I didn’t see a point in replacing such an old model when there were much newer and (IMO) better phones.

I first gave Devvie my HTC Nexus One. She didn’t like it. Ditto with my Dell Streak. Same. Reason? Not one you’d expect, except for the title of this post.

My wife, like many women, has long fingernails. Long fingernails don’t work well with a capacitive screen. They work much better with a keyboard … and also a trackball.

So I bought Devvie a refurbished BB 9000. She’s very happy with it. It will tide her over until the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 comes along, in September or whatever.

So what will I do with the HTC Nexus One and the Dell Streak? Well, that’s another post.

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