BlackBerry Bold 9930

imageThe Verizon online store started selling the BlackBerry Bold 9930 on Monday. I ordered it for my wife Devvie. The 9930 arrives today.

The 9930 lacks 4G LTE. Its OS is outdated, and may not be upgradeable to QNX, which is coming next year. Its 2.8” screen is small. It’s pricey; $249.99 after a 2 year contract. So why would I order the 9930?

You may know the answer if you read Fingernails. Devvie, with her long fingernails, has trouble with just a capacitive touch screen. She needs a trackpad and a keyboard. The 9930 has both, and its keyboard is very good. I know it will work for her because the Bold 9000 has worked well for her.

Lack of 4G LTE? From Devvie’s standpoint, so what? Remarkably, she uses a cell phone as a … phone! For Internet, she mainly uses her iPad 2. That device (which is on the AT&T network) also lacks 4G, but seems fast enough.

Outdated OS? Again, so what? The OS is fine for how Devvie uses a cell phone … phone calls and email.

Small screen? That is an issue. However, it’s not a deal breaker. Devvie can read the Bold 9000 screen fine, and the 9930’s screen is sharper.

For me, I’m still waiting for the next crop of super-phones in the September – October time frame. But for a phone for Devvie, mission accomplished!

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