MOTOACTV will make me better, stronger, faster


My wife’s birthday was a few days ago. She wanted to go to the hairdresser’s before we went out to eat. I drove her to the hairdresser. No way I was going to hang out there for a couple of hours. So I drove to some nearby electronic stores to spend some time (and $$).

One stop was at Best Buy. I went there to look at some tablets on display. But upon entering the store, my attention was drawn to a display of fitness accessories. I had recently received a well-deserved lecture from my internist regarding my weight and need to exercise. I thought perhaps a fitness gadget would help me, or at least help motivate me. Fitness gadgets sure worked for me in my (now long ago) marathon running days.

I first looked at pedometers. But then my attention was drawn to fitness watches that could monitor your heart rate as well as steps taken, calories burned, etc. The good watches aren’t cheap, and the choices went well beyond my knowledge. I decided I need to first spend some quality time with Mr. Google so I could make an informed decision. However, then I got busy with work, and didn’t get to that research project.

All good things come to he who procrastinates waits. A couple of days later, during Motorola’s unveiling of the Droid RAZR, it also unveiled a fitness watch, the MOTOACTV (presumably an acronym for Motorola Active).

I’m still digesting the propaganda information on One question/concern: For the heart rate feature, you may need one of the accessories (also described on Headphones (Bluetooth or wired, your choice).  Headphones? Apparently, the headphones apparently record your heart rate from your ear.

Good things don’t come cheap. MSRP for the 8GB version $250, 16GB $300. And that doesn’t include accessories. But not long to wait. This bad boy will be hitting retailers on November 6. Guess where I’ll be that Sunday? In the meantime this video will have to tide you over.

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