Exchange Server Tasks Integration in iOS 5

imageI am a heavy user of Tasks in Outlook. (Some would say I’m just a heavy user, but this isn’t a weight loss blog). Attorneys have lots of deadlines. Believe it or not, so do community college professors (the college is a government bureaucracy after all).

Most smartphone OS’s (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7) long have natively enabled users to synchronize their email, contacts and calendar from a Microsoft Exchange Server account. But not Tasks natively; you needed third party apps such as NitroDesk TouchDown for Android, TaskTaskHD for iOS and APPA Mundi Tasks for Windows Phone 7.

Well, that’s no longer true for iOS. I knew one new feature of iOS 5 was Reminders. What I didn’t realize right away is that Reminders syncs with Tasks on my Exchange Server account. I’m not sure the sync works perfectly – I need to experiment and then report back – but at least it’s a start. Cool.

What isn’t so cool is that even though Microsoft makes both Windows Phone 7 and Exchange Server, Windows Phone 7 still does not integrate natively with Exchange Server Tasks. Strange Apple is ahead of Microsoft in integrating with Microsoft Exchange Server tasks.

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