Ultrabook Pros and Cons


I’ve previously defined “Ultrabook” as a Windows clone of a MacBook Air. Then I directed you to a more precise definition at What’s an Ultrabook? on Ultrabook News, a site started by my friend Steve “Chippy” Paine. 

Chippy now has posted the cases for and against getting an Ultrabook. The case for is pretty obvious: An Ultrabook, like a MacBook Air, would be lightweight and high-performing and has a long battery life. The argument against basically is that the Ultrabook concept involves a number of compromises that can be avoided by an only slightly heavier laptop.

If you’re considering an Ultrabook purchase, I’d suggest you first read both articles carefully. I was strongly considering an Ultrabook purchase. I’m not sure anymore. Putting on my attorney hat, after listening to the opening arguments, I’m more persuaded by the against argument. What about you?

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