Using my iPad in Teaching


Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve just been very, very busy. I still am. But I wanted to start writing again. So I thought perhaps I could just do short posts for now on subjects that may be of interest.

In today’s post I’m wearing my teacher’s hat. One class I teach is an advanced computer programming class involving the use of Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) to create C++ Windows programs. I have a number of very bright students in that class. However, even intelligent students get stuck sometimes. One such student wants to see me for help on his project.

I have already written the code for this project . Indeed, I won’t assign a project to my students unless I have written it first. This helps me assess the level of difficulty and also ensures I am not assigning students the programming equivalent of Mission Impossible.

I don’t want to waste time during my student’s visit trying to refresh my memory of the code, since it is complicated, and I do teach 5 different classes. Rather than printing out the code – which I’d probably forget to bring with me — I uploaded the code to my Dropbox account. I then opened the code files in Textastic, a plain text editor which supports syntax highlighting for C++ (among other languages) and plays well with Dropbox. Above is a screenshot of one of  the files in Textastic. When I’m helping the student. I only need to look at the code in my iPad.

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  • Best tip of 2012! I’ve been waiting for a program like this since 2007, now, only if I could debug and run my code… I am/was reading/posting on my iPad I quickly clicked on the link and bought the app in 10 seconds!

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