Android tablets: Future after Windows 8?

I’ve been holding off purchasing a new Android tablet because of the Windows 8 RT tablets coming next month. Why an Android tablet, when I have the same form factor and battery life with a Windows OS that runs the apps I use every day on my main home and work computers?

Turns out The Verge was asking the same question. This article even prompted a mainstream Android blog to post: An uncomfortable truth: When Windows 8 comes out, Android tablets will become pointless.

Yet, while I’m congratulating myself for “great minds think alike”, I also have to believe a successful company like Google saw this issue coming a long time ago, and has an answer. Though what that answer is, I don’t know … yet anyway.

2 Responses to “Android tablets: Future after Windows 8?”

  • I agree, i’m not a big fan of android out even ios tablets because productivity wise they are not of use for me. Windows 8 tablets have my “okay”, especially the i5 versions. I’m happy with my ep121 one of the best computers I’ve ever owned, and upgradable to windows 8… Let’s just say she is a hottie, not other portable device compares to windows tablets. Impo

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