Samsung Galaxy Note II too small

I’ve been waiting to replace my Blackberry Bold 9930 with the Samsung Galaxy Note II (or 2). Verizon just opened pre-orders for this phablet, to ship sometime in November. But I plan to pass, for now. Why? The U.S. offerings of the Note II are too small for me.

Before you call out the guys from the local looney bin, I’m not talking about the 5.5” screen size or the corresponding physical dimensions of this monstrous phablet. I’m talking instead about the internal memory.

Per Samsung, the Note II’s internal memory may be 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. In the U.S., you can get any of these configurations, as long as it’s 16GB. No offerings for 32GB or 64GB.

From what I’ve read, currently 32GB or 64GB internal memory is available only in Korea. However, in coming months, it will be rolled out to Europe and Asia. No word on the U.S., though.

But … the Note II has a microSD slot where you can put a 64GB card. True. But without some hocus pocus, you can install many applications only in internal memory; not on a microSD card. (Apps 2 SD and similar only work for some apps in my experience). And you don’t have 16GB of internal memory available for apps. More like 11GB, the rest taken up by the operating system. If you have a lot of apps – and I do – you can run out of internal memory fast. I have on other Android devices.

So now what? Wait, perhaps fruitlessly, for 32GB or 64GB choices? Or go elsewhere? As if I needed more decisions to make.

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  • Good thing you clarified, I can’t imagine a phone being bigger than the note, but 16gb might not be enough for a power user as you mentioned. Hey but isn’t angry birds just a 5mbs application :).

    I’m thinking about getting a nokia windows phone. They are limited but i’m not happy with samsung or apple.

    • I suspect the carriers are doing this simply because 16 GB is a cheaper price point on an already expensive phone and most purchasers won’t know the difference.

      • Yeah, smart phones are being used by the wrong people. I saw a guy with an I phone and an ipod touch. I asked him why he was carrying both…. He said: “the ipod is for music and shit and the iphone is for calls/text and facebook” o_0

      • Draco, that only proves the truth of the adage “a fool and his money are soon parted.” By Apple in this case.

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