Excellent Surface Pro Review


Is the brilliant, quirky, flawed Surface Pro right for you? is an excellent read if you’re considering buying Microsoft’s Surface Pro, available in a few days (February 9). IMO, the relevant comparison is with other Windows 8 Ultrabooks. In that regard, I’m also pondering Lenovo’s Thinkpad Helix, which was supposed to be avaialble this month, but now has been pushed back to March or April (if then).

As almost always is the case, whether the Surface Pro is right for you depends on your usage. IMO, where the Surface Pro shines is portability. If during the day you’re bouncing from place to place, whether rooms within a building or (like me) different places in a city, the Surface Pro is an attractive choice. However, if you intend your laptop to do double duty as your main machine, you may want to look elsewhere.

Am I getting the Surface Pro? Do bears sleep in the woods?

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