Day 1 of Surface Pro Use Doesn’t Go Well


My first day of using the Surface Pro did not go well. I had to go to a meeting which involved many documents. Instead of bringing a lot of paper, I thought I could load the PDFs on to the Surface Pro’s microSD card and access the PDFs at the meeting. I also could write notes easily since the Surface Pro has an active digitizer.

After loading the PDFs the night before, I put the Surface Pro in sleep mode and stuffed it in the Incipio sleeve case which the Microsoft Store bundled as part of the sale.

I arrived at the meeting and realized I forgot the stylus. This is too easy to do since the Surface Pro lacks a silo for the stylus.

I then pulled the Surface Pro out of the sleeve case. Ouch! The Surface Pro was hotter than a toaster. It also wouldn’t turn on, probably because it was too hot.

After returning from the meeting, I was able to turn on the now cooled-down device. Almost all the battery power was gone.

That evening, teaching my introductory programming class, and trying to deal with network problems at the college, I noticed one of my students using a Surface RT. He was running Visual C++.  I asked how he was doing that since Visual C++ requires full-blown Windows. The answer is he was accessing another computer elsewhere (he works in a data center) using RDP. Light bulb

I’m beginning to wonder about the Surface Pro. Maybe I will use the Surface RT for day trips. The RT is lighter than the Pro, has much better battery life, and doesn’t heat up like a small nuclear reactor. The RT handles well simple chores like email, Internet access and word processing. For those times I need to use apps requiring Windows, I could access my home computer using RDP or similar protocol. Maybe I will keep the RT, return the Pro or sell it on eBay, and wait for a computer with a larger screen (and a pen silo) like Lenovo’s Thinkpad Helix, which after reported shipping delays, now is reported to be shipping in early March.

I’m not giving up on the Surface Pro yet, but I’ve calendared the 30 day return deadline. To be continued.

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