Surface Power Cover

While I like the portability and power of my Surface Pro, its relatively short battery life (about 3 hours) can be its Achilles Heel. Too often I’m in a meeting room without any nearby plugs. 

Good news for me. Microsoft will be shipping a “Power Cover.” This essentially is like the Type Cover keyboard I use, but contains an internal power supply which will charge the Surface while its in use.

No word yet on exactly how much the Power Cover will extend the Surface’s battery life.  Presumably the addition will be significant, otherwise what’s the point?

Of course, the internal power supply will add to weight and thickness. Comparing to the current Type Cover (apparently there will be a new version of it as well), weight will double, from .55 pounds (250 grams) to 1.1 pounds (520 grams). Thickness likewise will increase, from .21 inches (5.33 mm) to .38 inches (9.75 mm). Also no word yet on price.

While the Power Cover won’t be a free lunch, either in cost, weight or thickness, presumably it will be much cheaper than springing for a Surface 2 to obtain the additional battery life of its Haswell processor.  Speaking of the Surface 2, the Power Cover is supposed to become available shortly after the Surface 2, presumably at about year’s end.

Update: Docking station

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