Fall 2013 Windows Tablet Preview

tablets-heroThis post’s title (and the pic) come from a WinSuperSite article of the same name. The article is quite thorough, so I have only brief comments.

The Haswell processor deservedly has received a lot of press. Haswell succeeds the third generation core i5 and i7 processors, which had good performance but relatively poor battery life. Haswell has the same or better performance, but much better battery life.

The Bay Trail processor has received less press. It succeeds the Clovertrail Atom processor, which had good battery life, but relatively poor performance. Bay Trail has the same or better battery life, but much better performance.

Many of the upcoming tablets featured in the WinSuperSite article are Bay Trail, particularly tablets with the thus far rare (for Windows 8.x) 8” form factor. Indeed, the article focuses on the smaller size part of the tablet spectrum (none larger than 10.8”).

Haswell vs. Bay Trail. Interesting choice, and a nice one. I expect that the smaller form factor (8-10”) will be mostly Bay Trail, larger form factor (10” up) Haswell, with 10” being a no man’s land where both processors will compete.

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