Do I upgrade my Surface RT?


Microsoft has announced the Surface RT’s successor, the Surface 2. Nokia soon will be offering another RT device, the Nokia Lumia 2520, aka Sirius.

I own a Surface RT and use it a lot because of its long battery life, especially compared to its Surface Pro brother. So will I be upgrading my Surface RT?

My answer may surprise those who know my proclivity for the latest and greatest gadget: Probably not. Two reasons.

First, with Windows (as opposed to Windows RT) tablets, the Hobson’s choice was between the good performance but poor battery life of the 3rd generation core i processors, and the good battery life but poor performance of the Atom Clover Trail processors. However, now the 4th generation core i processors (aka Haswell) have improved battery life, and the next gen Atom Bay Trail processors offer improved performance.

With Bay Trail offering comparable battery life to RT, but also the ability to run true Windows apps, why RT? Perhaps there is an answer to this question, such as an iPad replacement, or Windows Phone integration (if I get a Windows Phone). However, I would need an answer to buy another RT device.

Second, both the Surface 2 and the Lumia 2520 have 10+” screens. I have no problem in abstract with this screen size. Instead, I’ve been re-thinking my usage.

A 10+” device like the Surface RT (or Surface Pro) certainly is light and small and therefore portable. However, that size screen, while fine for email, is a bit small for my aging eyes when working on documents. Therefore, I’ve been thinking of a 13+” Ultrabook with a Haswell processor (perhaps this one) when I need extra screen size and firepower. When just responding to emails, or other light usage, perhaps an 8” Bay Trail tablet companion (perhaps this one)? Though, with my 5.7” Galaxy Note 3 coming next month, with an external keyboard, can the GN3 do pretty much what an 8” companion device can do, while of course doing double duty as a … phone?

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  • Since i’m going backwards in your posts i’ve already answered the question of surface/lumia/ipad. Now i’ve also thrown around the idea of light weight laptop vs tablet and i give both true meaning. for me I’ve decided to go with a light laptop like a macbook air or something equivalent that i can hackintosh (yup, true mac guy so deal with it) you’ll find lots of pros vs cons for the laptop scene as well though like ports and battery vs performance. but if you really break it down to not what you want but what you actually need you’ll find the device you need. For my needs, i need a laptop since my coding is expanding on the languages, i use to do just html, php, css, and python, all of which i can write, compile, run, and debug on my iPad (through a few different apps) but c++ and objective-C and C# which are more powerful class languages require much more to be compiled: a full working operating system, may be a windows, a mac or even linux, but a full operating system none the less. so thats what you need to figure out and you’ll have your answer almost immediately.

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