Verizon Nokia Lumia 929


I’ve had my eye on this Windows Phone for some time. The 929 appears to be the smaller sibling of the 1520 going to AT&T. By smaller, 5” vs. 6” screen. As much as I like large screens, perhaps 5” is large enough, and certainly more pocketable than 6”. Unclear yet if, apart from screen size, the specs otherwise will be the same.

Per Windows Phone Central, the 929 is coming to Big Red with a launch date in early November with an off-contract price of $500. I’ll be watching for and reporting on more information.

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  • They’re responding to the market in this case, they see so many people buying them without contracts when the price is lower, carriers hate it because then they don’t get the assured money for their devices which affects their earning but the phone makers don’t see a difference. The lower price phone also means that the device is an even cheaper point for consumers who do roll into the contracts, and they’re trying to get into that lower price point so they can try and hook more customers, if you buy the cheeper device and you enjoy the device then you’re more likely to be willing to spend more money on the larger, assuming it would be faster, device of the same family/brand. Its just creating brand loyalty by hooking them early. This also plays to the parents who have nagging kids who want a smart phone so they can be social with their peers but don’t want to shell out a ton of money on the kid or can’t afford to.

    • Carriers play their games. But the Windows Phone platform really is not a bad one for a phone. Right now Windows Phone is a distant 3rd to the iPhone and Android, though ahead of BlackBerry. But I think if more people try Windows Phone, especially people used to Windows 8, they may be pleasantly surprised. I suspect the defection would come more from Android uses than iPhone users though.

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