Nokia Lumia 2520 vs Apple iPad Air

Interesting comparison. Shows the Lumia 2520 gives more for your money, plus microSD, USB. Still, the iPad Air is lighter (478 g vs. 615 g) and thinner (7.5 mm vs 8.9 mm), + of course a far more complete App Store. Yet, this comparison shows a possible justification for RT 8.1 devices such as the Lumia 2520 and the Surface 2. And here’s another comparison of these three devices.

2 Responses to “Nokia Lumia 2520 vs Apple iPad Air”

  • Spec wise the Lumia does make a great comparison for the price but the main advantage of the iPad isn’t going to be what the device can do but what you can do with the software on the device. Thats a big selling point of the iPad line is that so many major companies are making iPad/iPhone apps and coding mobile friendly websites that it makes it so these devices really can do more. I would say the deal breaker is going to be apps, comparing Windows RT 8.1 VS iOS 7 and seeing what you can do similar vs different.

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