iPad mini 2 vs iPad Air

This article discusses the conundrum my wife and I both face in replacing our aged, and now seemingly heavy, iPad 3’s. As the article correctly observes, both the iPad Air and the iPad mini 2 are light, thin, fast, and have beautiful displays. The one meaningful difference is the display size (duh), 7.9” vs. 9.7”. The article’s advice:

For those who are not certain, I’d ask you to look at the ways in which you use your iPad. If you primarily use it for consumption, such as reading websites, books, and other basic computing tasks, you should look closely at the iPad mini. It’s great for those tasks. If on the other hand you’re working on documents, using the on-screen keyboard a lot, and doing tasks that are more content creation focused, you may want to look at the iPad Air. I’ve been watching my wife, a technology-muggle, using her iPad the last few months and she does a tremendous amount of work with the on-screen keyboard. I don’t think the iPad mini would ever work for her.

I would add: How good is your reading vision? If not so good, the large screen will make a difference.

This article also discusses choosing between the two devices. The author’s choice is the iPad mini 2. But another writer from the same site leans toward the iPad Air.  Interesting debate.

I believe my wife and I will end up going to the local Beast Buy and get in line to play with the two devices. Sometimes you need actually hands-on time to make a good choice.

2 Responses to “iPad mini 2 vs iPad Air”

  • The only difference you’ll notice when you handle the device is going to be that responsiveness to your touch, that makes or breaks the functionality, I have an iPad two and an iPhone 5S and my iPhone 5S’s response to touch makes it so much better for accessing and typing, I only use the iPad two for typing because of the screen size. So if you’re going to be typing and do a lot of touch responsive tasks: iPad air, but even if you’re doing lots of document reading and reviewing or even simple mail typing the iPad Mini w/ Retina is going to be on par. Personally i’m leaning towards the iPad Air because I write code often on my iPad and the utilities I use truly take advantage of the larger screen.

    • If I understand correctly, the issue is not the responsiveness of the touch screen itself, but instead, the size of the keys on the soft keyboard necessarily will be larger on the Air? If so, that makes sense. I agree that if usage will be heavy on document review (which includes code), then the larger screen of the Air makes sense. I look forward to trying out the two devices, and only have a few days to wait for the Air, and probably a few weeks for the mini 2.

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