Excellent Surface Pro 2 Review

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChuong Nguyen of GottaBeMobile has posted an excellent review of the Surface Pro 2.

As Chuong details, the Surface Pro 2 improves, mostly under the hood, on the OG Surface Pro.  To me, the most significant improvement of the ones Chuong lists is the Haswell processor. I own the OG Surface Pro. Often enough, I was in meetings where there were no convenient outlets. I worried whether the 3+ hours battery life would last. Battery life with a Haswell processor should be 6+ hours. If a meeting lasts that long, I’m outta there.

Will I replace my OG Surface Pro with the Surface Pro 2? Not sure about that. I doubt I would get too much for the Surface Pro on e-Bay, and the differential between that money and the cost of a new Surface Pro 2 likely would be enough to buy another device. That new device (can you say iPad mini 2?) would seem to get me more bang for my buck than the incremental improvements between the two Surface Pro versions.

Additionally, I’m thinking of maybe 13.3” screen UltraBook. Still portable, and the larger screen would be very helpful for document review.

Decisions, decisions. More to come.

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  • Forget the iPad mini – what about one of the multiple Win 8.1 8″ devices? I’ve ordered a Dell Venue Pro in hopes of ditching my iPad mini (so, I guess if you’re in the market for a slightly used iPad mini…)

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