Why iPad Pro in addition to Surface?

I have an iPad Pro. Why, since I also have a Surface Book and a Surface Pro 4?

  • The iPad Pro is easier to hold as a tablet than the Surface Book or the Surface Pro 4 screen. Feels lighter and thinner.
  • The iPad Pro’s battery seems to last longer. So I don’t feel the need to add a charger/cable to my gadget bag. A portability advantage.
  • But if I am concerned about battery life, the iPad Pro’s charger is a small cube, not a power brick. This adds to its portability advantage.
  • Navigating the iPad Pro seems more fluid and less buggy. This is subjective but not surprising. Microsoft has made great strides, but Windows is still a keyboard + mouse OS, whereas iOS is optimized for touch.

The Apple Pencil is as good a stylus as the Surface Pen. The Apple Smart Keyboard may not be quite as good as the Surface keyboards, but it does the job for short text input, and protects the device without adding much weight or bulk.

Sometimes I need one of the Surface devices because I need to run a Windows app that does not have an iOS corollary. But most of the time when I’m not home or in my office, I just need to access the Internet and email, or documents on cloud storage. iOS supports all of the cloud storages I use, and has MS Office apps.

Now that I’ve justified the iPad Pro, yes, to be honest, I like trying out different devices.

As for why I have both Surface Book and a Surface Pro 4 is an issue for another post … or a psychiatrist.

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