Why I’m not a Las Vegas Bookie

sportsbookI thought New England would win, the game being close for a while, but with the Pats pulling away in the 4th quarter, maybe the 3rd. Yes, maybe the Pats could have won had they gotten to OT. However, the Pats were dominated by the Orange Crush. Tom Brady had little time; his OL did not do the job. The game should not have been as close as it was.

I thought Arizona vs. Carolina would be very close, vacillating between who would win. The game had all the suspense of Christians vs. Lions. Carolina was the much better team.

The early odds on the Super Bowl is Carolina -4. My comment: At least. But then again, look how well I predicted the NFL Championship games.

One tech moment was when New England’s Surface tablets failed. Microsoft can’t catch a break.  Players and commentators either refer to their tablets as iPads, or say they wish they were iPads. Maybe the issue was network-related and had nothing to do with the Surfaces. Won’t matter, everyone will remember the Surface tablets didn’t work.


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