Taking Attendance with Attendance2


I teach computer science at a community college. I need to take attendance. I don’t use paper and pen; as my students say, “that’s so yesterday.” Instead, I use an iOS app, Attendance2.

Attendance2 enables me to use touch to record a student’s attendance status. In my implementation, that status toggles among Present, Absent, Excused and Late; you can customize status, order and color coding, and set a default status (which I optimistically set at Present). The app also tracks the totals of each status, and enables you to generate reports and perform backups.

Importing students is reasonably automated. My community college district enables me to export my roster to an Excel spreadsheet. I then use Excel save my roster to a comma separated values format, change a few headings, save the file to DropBox, and then use the app to import the csv file.

The app also supports a second status. You can use that additional status to record class participation, for example.

The cost of the app is a modest $4.99. For schools whose teachers are equipped with iPads, or use iPads or iPhones, Attendance2 is a good paperless solution. I also can see uses for Attendance2 in business scenarios, such as whether employees showed up for work.

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