My motto: “If you can’t be good in one thing, be mediocre in many!” I’m a lawyer, computer science professor, author, ex-chess professional and now — Mobile Barbarian! Mobile because, given my many hats, I’m constantly on the move, so I use my Tablet PC, PDA, BlackBerry, etc. to stay connected. Barbarian comes from my students’ fond (??) nickname for me, Genghis Khent. Here you can be amused by my being unable to decide between different mobile devices, like the proverbial donkey starving between bales of hay.

The blog header was created by Rob Heinsman. Rob describes himself as “an artist, illustrator and animator hell bent on world domination.” Rob hasn’t yet achieved world domination, and given how the US and world economies are doing, may want to rethink his ambition. But in the meantime, you can check out Rob’s online gallery at his website, http://www.robheinsman.com/.