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Galaxy Note 3


Did I order the Galaxy Note 3? Do bears sleep in the woods? The GN3 is a significant upgrade over my GN2, which I’ve had for 9 months, a lifetime for a smartphone. I will have about 1 more month with my GN2, since Verizon isn’t shipping the GN3 until October 10.

Did I also buy the Galaxy Gear smartwatch? No. Not yet anyway. Seems pricey (say $300), kind of ugly, and not sure it adds much functionality, particularly since I already have a Pebble smartwatch. I may yet spring for the Gear, but for now, pass.

First post from Galaxy Note 8.0

I’m using the Android WordPress app. I really like the Note 8.0.  I’d write more but right now I’m finger typing.  So more soon.

Apps I use the most on my Galaxy Note II

Besides the Phone app of course. My Samsung Galaxy Note II (Verizon) came with many apps pre-loaded, some useful, some bloatware. (Getting rid of the bloatware will be the subject of another post). Additionally, the Google play store has many interesting apps. Maybe not as many as available for an iOS device, but still many, varied and useful. This was not my first Android device, so I had preconceptions regarding which apps I would use the most. I was only partly right. The large screen of the GNII changed my usage, and thus, the apps I use. Here’s a description of my most used apps. (I’m not including utilities – that can be the subject of another post — just apps I use day to day).

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Panorama Shot–Galaxy Note II vs. Galaxy Camera

Here are two panorama shots from the balcony of my home office. The first is from the camera on my Galaxy Note II. The second is from my Galaxy Camera. Both were taken near noon on an overcast day with default settings by the same lousy photographer (me). I think the Galaxy Camera took the better picture – as you’d expect – but not by as large a margin as I thought.


2012-12-25 12.41.21

Samsung Galaxy Note II First Impressions

My Samsung Galaxy Note II (Verizon) arrived via FedX on time on November 29. I almost tackled the FedX delivery guy to get started on opening the box. I’ve been waiting for this phone for a long time. Here are my very first impressions.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II Ordered

In Samsung Galaxy Note II too small, I bemoaned that the internal memory offered by Verizon (and other US carriers) is only 16 GB; no 32 GB or 64 GB offerings though per Samsung those configurations also are being produced. Nevertheless, I’ve pulled the trigger and ordered the Note II. Here are my rationalizations reasons:

  • Per threads on XDA Developers, with rooting and hacking that seems easy enough, it is possible to move apps to my 64 GB microSD card, so I won’t be running out of internal memory.
  • Who knows when, or even if, 32 Gb or 64 GB internal memory will ever be available in the U.S. Even if it becomes available, it probably won’t be for months. If so, and internal memory turns out to be an issue, I can always sell this Note II on eBay and buy one with more internal memory.
  • I don’t really see any other phone I want on the horizon. Maybe one of the BlackBerry 10 devices. But they won’t even be announced until January 30, 2013, and not shipped until the following month at the earliest.

Verizon says they are shipping the Note II on November 27. So I’ll have something more to write about in a couple of weeks.

Samsung Galaxy Note II too small

I’ve been waiting to replace my Blackberry Bold 9930 with the Samsung Galaxy Note II (or 2). Verizon just opened pre-orders for this phablet, to ship sometime in November. But I plan to pass, for now. Why? The U.S. offerings of the Note II are too small for me.

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Android tablets: Future after Windows 8?

I’ve been holding off purchasing a new Android tablet because of the Windows 8 RT tablets coming next month. Why an Android tablet, when I have the same form factor and battery life with a Windows OS that runs the apps I use every day on my main home and work computers?

Turns out The Verge was asking the same question. This article even prompted a mainstream Android blog to post: An uncomfortable truth: When Windows 8 comes out, Android tablets will become pointless.

Yet, while I’m congratulating myself for “great minds think alike”, I also have to believe a successful company like Google saw this issue coming a long time ago, and has an answer. Though what that answer is, I don’t know … yet anyway.

Apple vs. Samsung explained

Do you miss me yet?

Source: Joy of Tech

Apple vs. Samsung

As an attorney as well as a tech-nerd, I’ve been watching the Apple vs. Samsung trial with great interest. While trial is a serious endeavor – and serious money is at stake – comedians like Conan O’Brien still can find humor in it, as in the following video (via Android Central).